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About Me

I've never been one for long introductions when I go out as a speaker. I always figure the audience should know within about a minute if I'm worth listening to. But let me tell you just a little something about me.

I was born in Orange, California, back during the last years of the Eisenhower Administration, and went all through school there. I've been interested in local history as long as I can remember (I thought fourth grade California history was the greatest thing since sliced bread), and when I was in high school, I was invited to work on gathering up some of the history of my school. Going out to interview the early graduates introduced me to some of the old timers around town, and they encouraged me to join the local historical society. By the time I was 18, I was on the board of directors.

I'd always wanted to write, and now I had something to write about. I started writing books because no one told me I couldn't. I had finished my first full-length manuscript just before I turned 19, and published my first real book at age 23. In the meantime, I was writing for the local paper, developing the historical society's archives, and doing research whenever I got the chance. My college career suffered accordingly.

I never really expected to make a living as a local historian (I figured I'd end up writing for some small town newspaper), but things just kind of carried me along. A couple of years out of college I started to have my doubts, then I got a call to move out to Hemet and become the historian and museum curator for the Ramona Pageant. I spent the next 13 years out there, and just when I began to despair at ever getting back home to Orange County, I got another phone call, and the opportunity to become the County Archivist. I held that job for almost five years and served as their historical consultant for another year and a half. 

Now I have more time to focus on my own projects (which is to say, I'm among the under-employed).

Over the years, I've been a historical society volunteer, a museum curator, an archivist, a teacher, a public speaker, a historical consultant, a newspaper columnist, and an author. But I always like to say I'm just a local historian.

I come from that older tradition of historians who put an emphasis on gathering up the facts and stress the narrative and chronological account over theory and analysis. You have to start with the facts, after all. The analysis should come later. And too often, I've been the first historian to really research a specific topic or place. My emphasis has always been on telling the story. And there's a lot of them out there left to be told.

Phil Brigandi


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"He that would seriously set upon the search for truth ought, in the first place, to prepare his mind with a love of it, For he that lives it not, will not take much pains to get it; nor be much concerned when he misses it." -- John Locke, "Essay Concerning Human Understanding" (1690)

Family stuff

There seems to be some confusion out there between the three Phil Brigandis that show up on line and in library catalogs.

My great-grandfather, Philip Brigandi (1873-1945), was a stereo photographer, who published California views under his own name and worked for the old Keystone View Company. Here is a biography I wrote of him:  

Philip Brigandi - Stereo Wizard

His son, my great uncle, Philip E. Brigandi (1906-1956) was a sound engineer for the movies, mostly at RKO, where his work included noirs, westerns, science fiction, and even a few Groucho Marx comedies (I love that because I was a big Marx Brothers fan when I was younger, and even got to meet Groucho once).

Some of the movies he did the sound for include The Clay Pigeon (1949), I Married a Communist (1949), Never a Dull Moment (1950), The Thing from Another World (1951), Double Dynamite (1951), On Dangerous Ground (1952), A Girl in Every Port (1952) and The Big Sky (1952).  You can find more on the Internet Movie Database.

Later he went to work for Ryder Sound Services, and worked on some of the early television shows.

As for me, Phillip K. Brigandi (note the two L's, though I'm just Phil to most everybody), I'm just a local historian.